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Pros & Cons

the reason scientists made these glow in the dark was because they wanted to further their biology knoledge but with all great things there is aftermath these are some of the pros an cons of these expirements

Rats, Mice, & Rabbits

A lab mice or lab rat are often used because they are similar in organ and bodilly function oftin they are used for drug testing and health expirements one of the things that they are able to do is that they can make the circulatory system glow they may so far make every system glow with the exeption of the skeletal system...

What if one of these mice became free and the trait was dominant mice would be easier to spot at night and would be hunted by predators at a much faster rate or that is has a different effect on humans and causes them to die faster?



The Nightsave project was started to stop animal/car crashes and so far under carlight it has worked the deer have glowed as they were supposed to and only under car light so that they wouldnt be hunted by there predators...

People hunt deer. if they go out at night with a light that is like a car light they could kill many more deer or themselves while trying to hunt...


The fish were made for the purpose of simply learning more but now they have become an industry selling these fish has created a new project and helpedthe over all economy of taiwon...

These fish are expirements, and people may think that it isnt morall to sell, or even create them many people could get angry it could cause riots or cause many people to be out of work, therefor causing the economy to go down.

Bactiria and human cells

To be able to make bactiria or human cells glow is helpfull to human health think that a human could be told if they are ill or have cancer just by holding a black light over them it would make it easier to spot problems faster and fix them before they become a sirius problem..

Making a human glow is thought of as extremely imoral it has the equivelent as cloning a human as for bactiria, it grows and changes they could be more harmfull with the protein then they are helpfull...

Bugs & Pests

If your cat or dog has ever had fleas you know how hard it is to get rid of them , what if just by putting them under a black light you could see all of the fleas at once, fleas, lice,tics they would all be found in a couple of miutes...

Tics and fleas like bactiria adapt they could hurt your animal more they would be much easier to hunt downwich could destroy most of there population and not all of them would be glowing either though ninty percent of the tics glowed the other ten percent died or did not glow .

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